to 3 Mar.

Tenterfield "photo 101" workshop 2019

In a few words:

What is it?  A 101 photography class where you’re 100% guaranteed to GET IT!!

Where? Tenterfield - New South Wales - Australia. At Mandy’s White Cottage Flower Farm @whitecottage_flowerfarm_

When? March 2 - 3, 2019 - TWO DAYS

How much? 680€


I’ve been teaching this 101 class within my own workshops for the last 2 years and it works!! With simple words and clear demonstrations, I’ll show you how to take the exact photo you’re imagining, with the right amount of sharpness and blur, with the perfect touch of light and a lovely simple composition that works.
To encourage you to take the best shot, I’ll be helped by my friend Annabelle Hickson (@annabellehickson) who is a marvellous stylist, flower wizard and accomplished photographer.

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