Photography 101 workshop in Tenterfield

MARCH 2 - 3, 2019

*** SOLD OUT ***


“I’ve been teaching this 101 class within my own workshops for the last 2 years and it works!! With simple words and clear demonstrations, I’ll show you how to take the exact photo you’re imagining, with the right amount of sharpness and blur, with the perfect touch of light and a lovely simple composition that works.
To encourage you to take the best shot, I’ll be helped by my friend Annabelle Hickson (@annabellehickson) who is a marvellous stylist, flower wizard and accomplished photographer.”

What is it?  A 101 photography class where you’re 100% guaranteed to GET IT!!
Where? Tenterfield - New South Wales - Australia in a flower farm
With? Flore Vallery-Radot and Annabelle Hickson
When? March 2nd - 3rd 2019 - TWO DAYS
How much? $680


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Why shoot manual?

Do the following sound familiar?

  • Have you ever wondered how to get this gorgeous blur around a portrait or a flower? There are options now to do this on your phone, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it looks fake.

  • You wonder why some of your photos lack sharpness or are completely blurry?

  • Sometimes you’d like to capture running kids but it just doesn’t work.

  • Or the light is so low at your cousin’s birthday party that all the photos are ruined.

  • You’ve been to a class, bought a book or taken an quick online course and you’re still not getting which settings to choose in a given situation?

  • You have the annoying feeling that everyone takes better photos than you…

If you want to give your photos a very personal and artistic touch, the best way is to shoot manual. If you really want to have fun with photography, all you need is to acquire the knowledge which will lead to total freedom. Whatever you want your photo to look like, you’ll be able to do it with some practice.

I can help you get to this point in just two days. After that, every trial and error will build up your confidence and the quality of your photos. I’ll show you my tricks to make your chosen subject pop, to manufacture the exact image that YOU want.

My method is simple, very descriptive and involved.

“My approach to photography is clear, in-depth, and thorough”


Who is it for?

Anyone from complete beginners to those who have put their camera down for a while and need a thorough review of how it works.


What to bring

A camera that shoots Manual: DSLR or Reflex.
A prime lens (fixed, not zoom) such as a 50mm or a 35mm with a wide aperture (low F stop number on the lens) would be ideal but bring what you’ve got and we’ll explore the possibilities.
Your computer equipped with the photo editing software called Lightroom if you want to have a go at editing. (optional)
A tripod if you want to try it out. (optional)



You will find more about @annabellehickson and her fabulous style on her Instagram. Keep an eye on my feed for more films and photos of Mandy’s farm.
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Due to the involved logistics, no cancellations or refunds will be possible unless you find someone to replace you. Please make sure you can make it before booking. We also strongly encourage you to have travel insurance to cover the retreat in the event of strikes, natural disasters, health problems, and other unforeseen events.


The program can be subject to variations depending mainly on the weather. But don’t worry, there will always be a great plan B as exciting as plan A but sheltered :)



  • This workshop will be over 2 days

  • I have taught this successfully at all my workshops

  • It will take place in a gorgeous flower farm

  • You will get how photography works GUARANTEED!

  • It’s a small group of 10

  • Annabelle Hickson will be styling our shots!!




over 2 days

DAY 1 – Saturday 2 March 2019

9.30am –  Morning Tea

10am  – Presentation and housekeeping

10.30am – Photography class

12pm – Lunch served under the wisteria

1pm – Photography class

5pm – Cheese board and chat


DAY 2 – Sunday 3 March 2019

7.00am –  Early golden light shoot

9.30am –  Morning Tea  

10.00am – Photography class

12pm – Lunch served under the wisteria

1pm – Photography class followed by a short introduction to editing in Lightroom (bring your computer)

5pm – Cheese board, chat and good byes

Mandy’s White Cottage flower farm in Spring

Mandy’s White Cottage flower farm in Spring

Important notes to prepare for your trip

  • Transport from where you’re staying to Mandy’s flower farm is not included

  • Accommodation is not included. We will recommend really nice places to stay.

  • Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are provided. Alcohol is BYO.

  • If you have any allergies (food or other) let me know just after booking. We will do our best to accommodate dietary requirements and this will mean a careful preparation, so we need to know as early as possible. The food will be simple fresh cuisine with lots of vegetables and fruits by very talented cook extraordinaire, Ash.

  • March in Tenterfield can be warm or cold. Mid-season clothes with one or two jumpers just in case. Boots or “mud-shoes” could be a good idea to wander around the gardens.

  • There are only 10 spots available.


The team

Click through to learn more about our incredible teachers.

Kim Klassen, Canadian photographer and stylist

Annabelle Hickson


Annie has styled the 2 very first workshops I attended and has changed my life forever. Everything she touches turns into instant photographic material. She creates atmosphere and beauty that spark joy and make you want to capture it all, the scene and the feeling.

She is an unapologetic slashy. From journalism she hopped onto the photography wagon a few years ago after attending a workshop by Beth Kirby. Since then she’s created a unique style, instantly recognisable in magazines and on Instagram.

Passionate about flowers, she’s been asked to style workshops, weddings and events all around the world. Her book about flowers and bouquets will be release the day before the workshop! Come to her book signing at the farm on March 1st - contact me for time.

Getting to know her: |  @annabellehickson

Flore Vallery-Radot

photographer & FILMMAKER

I started my photographic journey in 2015, not long ago… and boy I struggled! I took many classes (online and brick-and-mortar). I constantly felt that I missed the concept entirely. I tried the good old “spray and pray” method and shot tens of thousands of bad photos. Until… I got it!!

This ordeal, still fresh in my mind, allows me to see very clearly everything that wasn’t explained clearly, each step I found difficult. I can now see how simple it all is, if told simply and thoroughly.

I’ve shared this knowledge in my last 3 workshops and it worked! Every single person I taught has managed to completely understand the process.

Now it’s your turn!!

Getting to know me:

Annabelle Hickson at Mandy’s farm

Annabelle Hickson at Mandy’s farm


680 Australian dollars for 2 days

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