I’m gushing when I think of the magical days in Burgundy last summer… truly a week of chasing beauty. It transformed the way I look through my camera lens. Flo curated a fabulous team of instructors who shared their knowledge and skills so graciously and were such inspirations. Classes were divided in groups of three students so you had the undivided attention of the instructor. Questions answered right away. I met like minded ladies from all corners of the globe who have become life long friends and are always encouraging and interested my next step of creativity. Flo really raised the bar and this was truly a masterclass in how to run a workshop. I left wanting this week to be on permanent replay button.
— Shelagh Macartney, Canada, @houseatwindsor

As a blessed attendee of Burgundy last year, your attention to detail is second to none, absolutely nothing is forgotten! One of the biggest take homes was the small rotating groups that were created to provide everyone with access to a teacher, to learn at one’s own pace, this was key to your success.
— Judy Burstall, @experiencenow7

Flo’s workshop in France is without doubt the best workshop I’ve ever attended. Spectacular surroundings, lovely people, super talented teachers, heart warm atmosphere and a wonderful hostess with an extraordinary talent for planning. Thank you Flo for arranging this memorable experience.
— Anette Harbech, @anetteharbech

All the days spent with you and your amazing teachers in the manor house where you grew up was one of the best summers I can remember ... and the creative women you brought together, now lifelong friends it doesn’t get any better than this! I loved every minute and thank you for all your generosity.
— Kate Adams, @katewadams22

It was a dream week, dream team, dream location, dream teachers, all. Top top top. We lived in a creative bubble for five days. Workshop was so well organized with all beautifully thought little details.
— Laura Riihela, @laurariihela

I thought I was nuts going to a retreat while I was a total beginner at photography, had no blog, no social media followers and no particular plan for after the retreat. But now, one year later, I can tell you that it was the best decision and I am so glad I didn’t put it off for later. If you were to do only one photography retreat in your life, this is the one.
— Anouchka, @anouchka.at21

I met Flo at the #greecewiththefloshow workshop in September 2018. I was a truly beginner photographer loving taking pictures but not knowing what I was doing. I can say I’ve been enlightened by Flo who taught me among other things the basics of photography; but also gave me confidence that didn’t leave me since. It changed me a lot as a photographer and as a person. Her organization of the workshop, her choices of teachers, her wisdom and joy were just incredible! This workshop opened a door to new dreams, new friends, new projects. I just can’t wait to return to the Flo show…
— Caroline Goria, kudecoeur