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I take photos and create short films to show people what you do.


My passion lies in seeing the sensual aspect of any human activity. I love to seize mundane everyday moments I find beautiful, as well as the complex gestures of craftsmanship acquired during many years.

I want to take my viewers on a journey, observing like a little mouse, what is going on in people’s studios, houses and life. My little films are very different from commercial videography. I endeavour to bring soul to the moving images I capture.

The slowness forces the viewer to stop, slow down and watch, often holding their breath, to admire the beauty of each movement. I also like to give my still images this special meaningful touch.

I’m very excited by this path and all the people I have met and will meet along the way.


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clicK, EXPAND & play 


Photography for artists, makers and unique brands

In the highly visual world we live in, where everyone captures images every day, being a photographer is a fascinating challenge. It’s the will to bring to life not what is there but what I feel.

It’s a different approach from a simple capture, it’s a storytelling journey on which I embark every time I’m given a photographic mission by a client.

My goal is to bring up the essence of who my subjects are and extract the meaning of what they do in a beautiful meaningful way.

The poetic emotion Flore embeds into her motion work is heart stopping and poignant I love working with her and her careful eye, always looking for that whisper, that fallen feather or that breathy expression!
— Megan Morton, Sydney - creator of The School, stylist, author

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