Xanthe Berkeley


british photographer and film maker

Teaching: “How to create a dreamy mini-movie”

Bio: Xanthe is a very successful London artist who has created an online film-making school. Her little snippets of life are delightful. Her imagery makes you instantly happy. She manages to capture the essence of precious family moments and transforms seemingly mundane events into works of art, I’m talking vacuum cleaning, tea drinking or London tube riding.

I’ve been lucky to be the student of her “Make Films Course” and will never live my life the same way ever again. Both last year and this Summer, she’s accepted to teach at my Burgundy workshops. If you heard a crowd belly-laughing in the dahlias, that was her doing! She is fun, adorable and so so creative. I can’t wait to see the little films she’ll create with us in Paros.

Getting to know her:

xantheberkeley.com  |   @xantheb   |   e-Courses   |   Vimeo