The Freaky Raku



In my dream life, I would travel the world to capture in my little films the beauty, knowledge, craftsmanship and sometimes the fierce battles of people I admire.
It’s what I did during last Northern Hemisphere’s Summer. I toured Europe visiting and filming a Polish Poet, a Florentine cookbook writer and a couple of Raku artists in Venice: Zaira & Francesco from @thefreakyraku and @thefreakytable. .
I had met them in Australia last year when they came to teach at @anisa.sabet’s Chiaroscuro workshop. I was quite emotional when I saw them for real. It must be because of their work had deeply touched my on Instagram: Zaira’s photography and Francesco’s pottery. There is something very profound about their creations, something breathtakingly beautiful, something deeply routed in their history.
I begged them to come and capture what I felt. They not only said yes but they welcomed Wendell and I for a few days in their home where I got to live their routine, dream in Zaira’s parents studios - they both are very successful painters, eat the incredibly delicious food prepared with so much care and love by @dorinapetronio Zaira’s Mum and listen to the best jokes by Zaira’s dad @luciano_zarotti. .
This little film is a homage to their talent and a token of my friendship.

Music by Beethoven - Interpreted by Jonathan Biss - Sonata No 23 in F minor for piano Op 57 Appassionata

Getting to know them:

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A few photos shot that day…