Sarah Diligent

Sarah Diligent Portrait.jpg

british FLORIST

Teaching: “How to create balanced flower arrangement”

Bio: Studio based floral designer in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, Sarah specialises in luxury floral designs for weddings. She and her team capture the essence of the seasons and make meaningful moments more beautiful through the medium of flowers and foliages.

Sarah also launched the Floribunda Rose flower school in 2018 teaching career change courses, 1:1’s and short courses all year round.

Her designs always use exclusively locally grown flowers and never include floral foam.

The size of the carbon footprint generated by floristry is carefully considered in her studio, and every effort is made to keep it as small as possible by not using imported flowers, reducing waste, reusing & recycling everything possible.

She’ll be the perfect fit for our “create with what you have” philosophy. Sarah will teach you how to create the most romantic floral creations with what she’ll forage in Mum and Dad’s garden in the heart of French Spring. I can’t wait!!!

Getting to know her:  |   @floribundaroseflorists