Pecora Dairy


 I couldn't have been happier and prouder when I was chosen to create a film for the launch of Australia's first raw milk cheese.

What an incredible project!! And what a fantastic opportunity for me to marry my love for cheese and for filmmaking.

It's been an epic journey for Cressida and Michael McNamara from Pecora Dairy @pecoradairy to navigate the scary waters surrounding food regulation authorities and survive the climb over mountains of paperwork, a five-year adventure... But they strongly believed in it and they brilliantly achieved their goal: create a real raw milk sheep milk cheese. They didn't take no for an answer and kept climbing.

Their product is called Yarrawa (you'll hear why in the film) and it's an exceptional cheese. It's made with raw ewe's milk that hasn't been cooked. It' been carefully matured to an elegant wheel full of complex flavours. This is a massive first step for Australia to create a great local food culture.

Such an exceptional achievement called for exceptional measures! When I decided to launch my website, I had the idea of partnering with my friend Rae @raefallon who built it and offer to my clients a new service. On top of a complete visual story package with film and movie, I thought it'd be nice to offer a website. That's because I've noticed many of the people I make movies or photos for don't really have a proper place to display them. What a waste!

So I submitted my idea to Cressida and Michael who became my very first "website clients". Tonight, not only they're launching their incredible cheese but also a brand new website. Check it out via the link @pecoradairy's bio.

I hope you like it all: the cheese, the website and the film! This is a chopped off version for Instagram. You can see it whole son Pecora Dairy's website. It's worth checking it out, it's 2.30 minutes of hearing what they have to say about their project.

A massive thank you to Cressida and Michael for trusting me and for being such an incredible inspiration. A huge thank you to Rae for doing such a good job at Pecora's new website following the brief perfectly: sleek, simple, letting the images speak. It's been such a pleasure to work with you three.

Music by Aitua "Distance"


A few photos shot that day…