Laurence Revol



Teaching: “How to take a stunning portrait and direct your subject or a model”

Bio: Laurence has started her career as a graphic designer. You will see this immediately in her Instagram feed. The graphic aspect of her photography, the architectural elements, the slabs of bright colours are unique to her style.

She is a big fan of bright harsh light, unlike most photographers, and manages to sculpt it brilliantly.

The way she came to photography is unusual. She started a very successful Wedding Agency called “Epouse-moi Cocotte”. With her business partner, she offers to organise your wedding and hire the perfect photographer. Taylor design this key event in Parisians’ life. With time, they specialised in the photography part, and because she loved to take photos, privately, she accepted to replace one of her photographers. She realised how much she loved it.

Now her photography career has become her true passion and she accumulates prestigious French brands on her portfolio. Her portraits of women are so stunning, she’s the girl everyone wants to promote their fashion brand.

Laurence will show you how to deal with this bright sun, set a graphic scene for a portrait and manage a subject to get the exact photo you want.

I feel absolutely chuffed that she said yes to my workshop project!!

Getting to know her: |   @laurence.revol   |