Antonia Perricone Mrljak


 Antonia’s work is all about emotion, feeling and seeing. She’s removed any figurative artifice and let her heart talk.

She started her career as a Fashion Designer but felt more and more the calling she’s been refusing to hear all her life. She knew she needed to become an artist. Commit to it. Work hard at it.

This path led her to art school in 2010 where she started a Diploma in Fine Arts. She’s just achieved her third year of a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts

Today, her work is seen in the most beautiful houses and magazines. And Antonia keeps exploring deep within herself to express what she finds in striking brush strokes and bold colours.

“As soon as I started making art, I never questioned it,” She says. This approach touches me deeply and I’ve decided to follow her in the Australian bush while she creates a new piece.

Music by Richard Wüerst - Unterm Balcon Serenade, Op. 78 - String sextet, solo on viola

Getting to know her: | @antoniaperriconemrljak

A few photos shot that day…

Antonia wrote a poem about that day:

The visitor

“The ground is made of shadows and the weight of my body is an unwelcome visitor. I can only weave through you carefully to not disturb. There is a rustle of dry bush. It is eerie, and it is whispering in my ear to me to return what is not mine, so I lay down the rock, the twisted branch, and dried out natives back to the sacred earth. I owe you, I am sorry, I have gift, my gesture is simple. All I can do is exaggerate your beauty with my hands, I will only take the memories I promise, admire the wild things and leave.”