The poetic emotion Flore embeds into her motion work is heart stopping and poignant I love working with her and her careful eye, always looking for that whisper, that fallen feather or that breathy expression!
— Megan Morton, Sydney - creator of The School, stylist, author

Flo has been nurturing our social media, film & photos for the past 3 years and we’re so happy to have her part of our team. She absolutely captures everything so beautifully, truly talented and has a beautiful eye for interpreting other people’s talent/craft. We are so grateful and appreciate all the hardwork and care she puts into showcasing our products visually. The appreciation doesn’t stop with us, we are especially proud when our customers and peers comment how much they love what they see
— Maria Vitelli - Essenze Chocolate - Sydney, Australia
I truly have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for the exceptional work that Flore has done for me as both a videographer and photographer. Her stunning captures are made all the more beautiful by her ability to capture the atmosphere of the time in addition to the obvious beauty of the moment. Flore is superbly talented, professional, fun to work with, never obtrusive, always smiling and immerses herself in the work at hand. Her pride in what she does and work ethic is second to none. I just adore working with her!
— Helen Vlahakis - Mumma's Country Kitchen - Sydney Australia
Flo has helped us tell our story. The films we have commissioned her to make for us have conveyed exactly what we were hoping people would understand our cheese making journey to be. Her attention to detail and sensitivity in knowing exactly what to include in the film, makes for the most breathtakingly beautiful and sophisticated representation of a business. Flo is a delight to work with, she is efficient and professional. Her ability to bring together all the threads of story and condense them into a short film with such purpose and meaning is quite remarkable.
— Cressida & Michael McNamara - Pecora Dairy - Robertson, Australia
Flore’s films are pure magic. Working with her is a dream, and I couldn’t be prouder to have had her create a film for my business.
— Rae Fallon - Filmmaker & photographer - Perth, Australia