Passionately creating luxurious films.


My name is Flore but most people call me Flo. 

After years working in textile writing a weekly Gazette about textile artists and techniques, old and new, I picked up photography to better present who these fascinating people are and create better visuals of their creations.

I took several intense online and brick and mortar courses. Then I attended workshops with photographers and filmmakers I truly admire. 

The drastic change brought by better images struck me! I realised the incredible power of photography and the moving power of film.

I was hooked!! It made me slowly shift my career toward capturing the essence of creative moments, of ideas germinating in a person’s mind.

My dream is to bring people with me, peek over the shoulder of an organic farmer caressing frilly beans or a potter at her wheel.

Let’s talk about YOUR project and what I can do to bring people to know what you do, to feel your passion and visit a piece of your universe.

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Photo by Lean Timms (@leantimms)